You’ve got the recipe, we’ve got the ingredients.

Think of us as the secret sauce in your e-com recipe. Made with a large helping of technology, world-class infrastructure, proprietary processes, and copious amounts of platform expertise, we help brands win over customers – at scale.

We help brands scale

It’s what we do. Our advanced systems are designed to streamline, optimize, and polish every single aspect of your brand till it shines out amidst crowded e-commerce marketplaces. We know what drives customer delight, whether it’s same-day delivery, great prices, or extensive in-stock selection. We’re a passionate team of professionals, who have built our skills at the best e-commerce businesses in India.

Since February 2022, we’ve…

Gained 4 star seller rating
Stocked 3.5 Million products
Delivered 20k pincodes
Covered 8 Product Categories
Partnered 800+ Vendors
Served 70.3 Million unique orders

4 ingredients that make us click

Tech makes us tick

Big data and advanced ML algos keep us on top of the complexity that comes with stocking 2 million SKUs, and we only follow the best practices in e-commerce

Processes are the plan

Robust processes built on best-of-breed tech tools help us manage the details of retail, which in turn drive customer joy.

Experience makes us experts

Deep expertise comes from our passionate team of almost 200 e-com natives, who are adept with big data technology and well-versed with product category dynamics.

India is our playing field

A pan-India infrastructure harmonises all four ingredients flawlessly, across all 26 states. So whichever one of India’s 19,000 pin codes your customer calls home, they can get speedy, delightful delivery every single time.

Partner Brands

Partner Brands
Partner Brands

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